Cambridge Audio SX120 Review

The British sound company is thus expanding its offer with the SX-50 and SX-60 bookshelf models, the SX-70 center speaker, the SX-80 tower speaker and the SX-120 subwoofer. All these speakers share some common components, such as the 25mm diameter silk diaphragm tweeter or the woofers that they integrate. Both drivers and crossovers maintain their … Read more



In recent years, the size of televisions has only grown to the point that the minimum size for many OLEDs was already 55 ”. LG wanted to democratize the quality of the OLED by betting on a 48-inch television much more affordable for the living rooms of most mortals. Design LG has raised the LG … Read more

Best Budget Home Theater Subwoofer

Choosing an audio system a home theater subwoofer is all about high fidelity. Reproducing sound is something that needs to be precise but also rich in depth. The subwoofer is therefore an accessory that will give power and depth to what you are going to listen to, whether it is a movie or a music. … Read more

Best budget Home Theater System

Welcome to this new article where we will talk about the best budget home theaters , so you can enjoy movie sound like never before. A home theater corresponds to domestic playback with the aim of obtaining better auditory and visual performance. I remember when I was a kid I always wondered what all those … Read more

What is A Home Theatre Display

Addicted to beautiful images, you adore the atmosphere of dark rooms and you dream of being able to watch your favorite films at home or at the cinema … Thanks to technological advances in the fields of image and sound, the dream becomes possible with the perfect home theatre display. Home Theatre Display Home Theatre … Read more

Projector Buying Guide

Projector Under 2000

Knowing which projector to buy is very important before making an acquisition of this type (well, it’s actually better to consider it an investment). That is why we are going to teach you in this guide how to choose a projector.  What to watch in a projector? How do you know if it’s worth it? … Read more

Best 4K Projector Under 2000

Projector Under 2000

The sale of video projectors is constantly increasing among individuals thanks to the recent drop in price: it is finally possible to find an excellent model under the bar of $2000 to create your own cinema room at home. The dream ! Ideal for saving money in view of the price of screenings at the … Read more

What is a Home Theater Receiver

Choosing Home Theater Receiver

If you want to enjoy a good home cinema experience at home, an home theater receiver is essential. This device acts as a hub to which audio and video components are connected and it can therefore be considered as the audiovisual center of your living room. But what should you watch out for when buying … Read more

How to make Movie Theater Popcorn

How to Make Movie Theater Popcorn

Surely if you think of a movie session there is a food that automatically appears in your head.  Popcorn is always a good snack for watching movies or for those homey, rainy afternoons. They are that munches that you can eat without guilt because it is full of fiber and is delicious with a spicy … Read more