TCL 55S405 Review

TCL 55S405 Full Review

This TV has one of the best streaming app systems on the market. Their streaming app is very easy to use, quick and responsive and they often get constant updates of new features and apps. Users can access streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon and Sling TV with just a shortcut button. It does not require … Read more

Klipsch R-28PF Review


Equipped with internal amplifiers that eliminate the need for an external A / V receiver, these monitors also feature Tractrix® technology, which translates into great frequency response and minimal distortion. Magnetron, a company specializing in equipment and sound solutions, presents its new self – powered floor speakers: R-28PF. The true high fidelity stereo sound is what promises … Read more

Marantz SR7011 Review

Marantz SR7011 Review

The Marantz SR7011 A/V is the brainchild of D+M Group. It has two elder siblings that are beefier; the 7012, and the 8012, but they are slighter more expensive. The SR7011 cost half as a much as the 8012 and the SR7011 will serve most people faithfully. Design The design of this Receiver is not … Read more

ONKYO TX-RZ820 Review


I’ve owned every receiver from the B&K to a Harman Kardon to the Sony ES, the 4k Onkyo reciever is definitely top dog build quality could probably use a little bit more but a for the price great deal the only complaint I have is they actually went too simple with the menu I know … Read more

ONKYO TX-NR545 Review


All the connections are clearly labelled and easy to find. Just wire up the unit, connect the supplied set-up mic and off you go, establishing a network connection by Ethernet or Wi-Fi wraps up set-up, allowing for streaming via Spotify Connect, DLNA, internet radio and Airplay. Non-Apple users can also look to Bluetooth. As regard … Read more

MARANTZ SR5012 Review

Marantz SR5012 Review

4K DVDs are awesome and even better than streaming. I find the Marantz’s upgrading processing to work really well, finally, I used the audio mic for initial set up, but then reconfigured by ear as I found the auto system put too much emphasis into the rear speakers and sub-woofer, I will do a quick … Read more

DENON AVR-X3400H Review

A Review on the Denon AVR-x3400h

The room has a cathedral ceiling that is 8 feet high on one end and 15 feet at the other which means there is lot of upward area for sound to wander and consequently get lost. The Onkyo had served me well for years but there were some things that made me think about looking … Read more

Yamaha RX-V683BL Review

Here is a picture of the Yamaha RX-V683BL AV Receiver

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