MARANTZ SR5012 Review

4K DVDs are awesome and even better than streaming. I find the Marantz’s upgrading processing to work really well, finally, I used the audio mic for initial set up, but then reconfigured by ear as I found the auto system put too much emphasis into the rear speakers and sub-woofer, I will do a quick summary touching on the good and bad aspect, starting in the next paragraph

Firstly, wonderful sound quality. I have always used Pioneer home theater receivers in the past, and they had the features and plenty of power for my setup, but I just never felt blown away by the sound quality. In particular, I always felt that my surround speakers were being underutilized even after making all the permissible adjustments. But with this Marantz my hearing could pluck the difference around me and the surround channels came to life and there was just a crisper, more immersive sound overall. Secondly and lastly, the looks and feels are those of a top-notch quality product. Everything about it is meticulously mapped out. The aesthetics as well as the setup menus just radiates quality without being over the top complicated for the average user like myself. I should say, I ghosted through the whole process of setting up, which is kind of awesome because it speaks a lot about its simplicity.

Quick Overview Video

No doubts, these complaints sound whiny, but for how much I purchased this product ($1000), I feel I equally purchased the right to be whiny as well, if everything don’t meet my taste:

Firstly, the front display panel is very tiny. I mean it is small. I know you can view much of the same information on-screen, but I personally find on-screen displays distracting (volume, for example). In the grand scheme of things, I would rather the maker — Marantz had skimped here rather than on the audio quality, but come on.

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Secondly and lastly, when I tried to plug my turntable into the CD input using red/white RCA plugs I get nothing, not even a little feedback when plugging in. I tried this on multiple red/white inputs (cable/sat, DVD etc.) and got the same thing. I also tested this with another RCA input device and got no response. Also, during setup it came with a calibration microphone and stand to automatically calibrate the speaker configuration. However, there is no plug for the setup mic. The setup mic is useless.

Overall it’s a fantastic buy and for the sound quality you get, you can never go wrong with this beauty.