In recent years, the size of televisions has only grown to the point that the minimum size for many OLEDs was already 55 ”. LG wanted to democratize the quality of the OLED by betting on a 48-inch television much more affordable for the living rooms of most mortals.


Side View of the 55S405

LG has raised the LG CX more as an evolution of the C9 of 2019 than as a totally renewed model. One of the aspects that less varied with respect to the 2019 TV has been in the design.

In fact, the entire front is practically identical to the C9 , while the rear bears a striking resemblance. However, size is a differential factor for this C series that presents the 48-inch model that stars in this analysis, in addition to the usual 55 and 65-inch models.

This compact size opens the doors to a use that no one expected to find in an OLED TV : a gaming monitor to which you can connect a console or a gaming PC to enjoy the excellent image quality offered by OLED panels in video games, as games are really popular now a days and most people play them on their tv with some others play on their computers as they play games online or even gambling games in the olympic kingsway casinos as well. They can also visit Casino Zeus, which is a reputable and trusted gambling platform that offers a lot of exciting games.

LG has minimized the visual impact of the base, which on the front is limited to a metallic strip with a brushed gray finish that is just 5 mm thick that acts as a wedge base by lifting the panel a few centimeters from the furniture.

In the gap between the screen and the base is the only physical button that we find on the CX, which allows you to perform basic functions, such as turning the television on and off. Discover the endless possibilities at UFABET, where every bet is a step towards unforgettable moments and big wins.

The screen has an internal frame of about 10 mm, while a perfectly machined metal plate protects the entire contour of the panel creating a thin rounded frame just 4 mm thick.

This metal panel extends over the entire rear, protecting the screen and providing extra rigidity to the set and preventing the panel from being damaged when handling the television.

As is often the case for accessibility reasons, the connection ports are divided into two groups . The main group is facing backwards in the lower right corner of the TV, where we find the antenna and satellite coaxial connectors, an Ethernet LAN socket, optical digital audio output, an HDMI 2.1 connector as well as two USB 2.0 with recording functions. .

The second group of connectors is located on the right edge (left from the front) and oriented to the side to make it more accessible. There we find a USB 2.0 connector and three HDMI 2.1 ports (one of them with eARC functions), the audio connectors for headphones and composite output, as well as the IC card slot.

It may be surprising to find so many HDMIs on the side, but it is a very logical decision if we bear in mind that LG has designed the 48 ”LG CX to be used both as a conventional television, as a game monitor to connect computers or consoles, so that connections must remain accessible.

Cable management is one of the points in which this model does not stand out , since it is limited to taking all the cables to a hole in the central part of the base and then covering them with a cover, leaving the section of cable that hangs from the connector to the base.


LG has integrated its most advanced remote into the 2020 OLED TV lineup . The LG Magic Remote is an old acquaintance for us since, in essence, it is the same as the 2019 models incorporated, but the arrival of the new webOS 5.0 operating system that is released in the 2020 models has brought it new functionalities.

Remote For OLED LG

As was the case with the 2019 models, Magic Remote not only allows you to use it in the traditional way by navigating through the different options of the TV menus by pressing the directional buttons located on its central pad, but it also acts as a pointer with the options can be selected by pointing the screen directly with the remote.

Magic Remote links to the TV via Bluetooth , while an oscilloscope adjusts the position of the pointer on the screen based on movement of the remote. This makes it a much more direct and quick option for navigating the setup menus because you literally point to the desired option and select it.

Few new features when it comes to the layout of the buttons on the remote. It maintains the same segmentation by presenting the TV controls at the top, the navigation and configuration buttons in the central area and the multimedia buttons at the bottom.

The LG CX remote control incorporates three buttons for direct access to streaming content on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and a button identified as Movies that activates the RakutenTV platform.

We would have liked that, since this command includes this “wildcard button” called Movies, it would allow assigning it to an app of the user’s choice, instead of coming pre-established with RakutenTV, so that it could be assigned to Disney +, Spotify or the television platform at the request of your operator.

It is nothing new that the Magic Remote incorporates voice functions that allow commands both to LG’s native ThinQ voice assistant , which takes control when it comes to commands aimed at controlling the functions of the television; such as the Google Assistant , which provides information about the content or other more generic searches.

WebOs has incorporated the possibility of adding a third voice assistant from the remote, expanding the functions of the direct access button to Prime Video to, by holding it down, invoke Alexa.

We liked that you need to press and hold the assistant button for voice commands to be recognized, and that it is not activated by keyword detection. A positive point in the field of privacy.

High quality images

[wpsm_specification_builder id=698]

Last year, the C9 OLED models had substantially retained the same image quality as the 2018 C8s, but mostly improved response time for video games and added HDMI 2.1 inputs to support 4K technology at 120 frames per second. This year, with the OLED CX series, LG is further reducing the response time of the panel and, above all, significantly modifying its image processor to offer more natural and nuanced colors than on previous generations. The Korean manufacturer thus rose to the level of the Japanese giants Panasonic and Sony in terms of color reproduction.     

Unparalleled HDR

The OLED CX generation meets HDR10 and Dolby Vision standards, the latter being by far the most widely used in streaming TV services. The CXs have a similar rendering to that of the previous generation, with gradations that are still just as accurate and peaks of brilliance that faithfully reproduce the glow of light, like that of a ray of sunlight on water. They therefore make it possible to truly enjoy HDR renderings which give life and depth to images.

Amazing colours

The colors of the LG OLED CX 2020 have been significantly improved compared to the previous generation. They stand out with more radiance and naturalness, which gives even more depth and detail to the image. The ninth generation Alpha 3 processor analyzes more areas of color corrections to provide more accurate colorimetry than before. We can see it in this very orange scene from the series Lost in Spacebroadcast in 4K Dolby Vision on Netflix. The faces and the colors of the clothes stand out more from the decor than on a screen of the previous generation. There are also two new adjustment modes: FilmMaker, which respects the intentions of the directors, and Dolby Vision IQ, which automatically adjusts the colors according to the brightness in the room.

Viewing angle

The viewing angle of the CX screens is almost perfect. Even at a steep angle, the colors are hardly altered. This is a valuable advantage of OLED technology, which allows you to enjoy the same image quality no matter where you are placed in relation to the screen.


LG continues to improve the performance of its sports and video game televisions this year. The refresh rate of the OLED CX series models makes it possible to enjoy fast-action images without blurring, while maintaining a high degree of definition, making them perfect displays for those who like to watch sports on TV.

When it comes to video games, CXs have an extremely low response time, varying around 13 milliseconds, even for 4K games. A few years ago, the best displays were around 20ms at 1080p, demonstrating LG’s significant progress in this area. Additionally, the new LGs have HDMI 2.1 inputs that support 4K content at 120 frames per second. Added to this is the variable VRR refresh rate which continuously adapts the number of frames per second.


The CX series OLED panels offer an extremely high contrast ratio that allows images to be displayed with depth and volume. For example, in scenes teeming with detail both in the foreground and in the background, the CXs easily retain the brilliance of colors and depth of field.  

10/10 backlighting

There is no backlight with OLED technology . Each of the eight million pixels produces its own light intensity and its own colors. This is why the blacks are so dense and the contrast so high.  


The anti-glare filter is effective and the bright mode is bright enough to recommend using these TVs in a bright environment. 

webOS 5.0 further improves connectivity

Like the rest of LG’s line of OLED televisions , the LG OLED CX comes with LG’s webOS operating system which debuts its fifth version. During our test the system has been updated to improve its security and stability.

The fluidity of the system remains unchanged and the switch between applications is really fast, especially when using the direct access buttons on the remote.

The choice of content has also been improved. When placing the pointer or selecting the icon of the content applications, a recommendation bar of the content of that platform is displayed, so that it is not even necessary to open the app to access the new available series or the last episode of the series that you were watching.

The variety of applications in webOS is truly overwhelming and all kinds of content and games can be found. The applications of the main video streaming platforms are already installed as standard.

Another function that LG has taken great care of in its intelligent platform is the connectivity with other elements of the living room and control everything from a single remote control with full operability.

The menu appears at the bottom of the screen and can be customized according to the applications you use most often. LG’s webOS is generous in various applications and particularly easy to use.

The CXs are also compatible with AirPlay 2 technology which allows you to stream any content from an Apple device (photos, video, ALL TV, etc.) to televisions. We also like the smart Bluetooth remote control which functions as a pointer and which greatly facilitates Internet searches.

There are also voice commands from Alexa and the Google Assistant that speed up searches. In addition, LG’s ThinIQ technology is also present in this new series, which gives access to connected objects in the house from your TV .


CXs take advantage of the new generation of HDMI 2.1 inputs supporting a speed of 48 gigabits per second rather than 18 Gbps. This connectivity makes it possible in particular to improve the response time of 4K HDR video games and also to offer eARC connectivity which is used to transmit 3D Dolby Atmos sound effects to compatible sound bars or home theater receivers .

HDMI4 (HDMI 2.1)4 (HDMI 2.1)
RF In11
Composite In11
Component In11
Digital Audio Out1 (Optical)1 (Optical)
Headphone Out1N/A
RS-232C (Control)1N/A
BluetoothYes (v5.0)Yes (v5.0)

Finish and quality

It’s always surprising how thin OLED TVs are and the LG OLED CX’s screen is no exception, being less than 5mm thick. The lower part is however thicker given the presence of internal components such as the power supply unit, the motherboard and its processors, the speakers and all the sockets.

The base of CX televisions offers excellent support since it is heavy and centered in relation to the screen.

Good sound, but a soundbar is still your friend

The sound from the speakers on the CX series is not very powerful, but well balanced enough that it does not get too aggressive. With the 2X 40W announced by the manufacturer, we manage to get an interesting listening experience, but for that we must be at the limit of the maximum volume level.

Who is this product for?

LG’s 55 CX and 48 CX OLED TVs deliver above average performance in virtually every area and are sure to satisfy movie fans, video games and sports fans alike. Their frame rate refreshes ensure fast motion without blurring and the HDMI 2.1 inputs along with variable frame refresh ensure smooth video games that will allow next-gen consoles to be exploited to their full potential. Finally, the richness of colors and perfect contrasts make images more transparent and natural than ever. Undoubtedly the choice par excellence for fans of large screens and video games.

LG CX OLED – Unboxing, Setup Tips & Demo


They are both very complete televisions and much of their good work is due to a third-generation a9 processor that shines with its own light, squeezing the most out of a good panel that is most likely the same as the C9 of 2019.

LG was the first to open the great gaming melon that had been put on the table, and that none of the big manufacturers had dared to attack. It is a risky bet and LG has gone for it all, collaborating directly with hardware manufacturers to be a pioneer in implementing solutions such as G-Sync or FreeSync in a conventional OLED television . That of the gaming is a mercado too juicy to pass up.

OLED panels and the processors that govern them have evolved (and revolutionized in some cases) this technology, but it is still too early to assess the impact of using this LG CX as a gaming monitor from which to enjoy many evenings of games, and avoid the burned out OLED screen.

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